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Bringing the flavour of Thai street food to Forest Hill



1 Edamame (VG, GF)

Perfect plant-based snack to munch on while waiting for your feast. Sweet buttery taste, lightly boiled young soybeans, sprinkled with sea salt

2 Veggie Spring Roll (V)

Made with shredded mixed vegetables and vermicelli wrapped in crispy Thai pastry (4)

3 Chicken satay

Marinated grilled chicken on skewers served with homemade roasted peanut sauce (4)

4 Turmeric prawn lollipops

Marinated in turmeric and black pepper, lightly coated with desiccated coconut batter (4)

5 Thai fish cakes

A blend of white fish, long beans, kaffir lime leaves mixed with eggs and red curry paste until smooth (4)

6 Yummy duck rolls

Shredded duck mixed with leak and carrots wrapped in crispy Thai pastry (3)

7 Sesame prawn toasts

Minced prawn and chicken paste spread on triangles of bread topped with sesame seeds (4)

8 Moo ping

Marinated pork on skewers in garlic, pepper and coriander root sauce (4)

9 Steamed dumpling

A blend of minced pork, prawns and water chestnuts wrapped in egg pastry (4)

10 Vegan Fried Tofu (VG)

Crispy, crunchy fried Tofu suitable for Vegetarian, served with sweet chilli sauce

11 Sweetcorn fritters (VG)

Simply nutritious and joyful snack, cooked in house batter until golden and crispy

12 Salt & pepper squid

Tender squid lightly coated in salt, ground black and white pepper batter

13 Crispy soft shell crab

Fried with peppery batter until crispy. Accompanied with Sriracha chilli sauce for extra flavour

14 Mixed platter for 2

A selection of vegan spring rolls, sweetcorn fritters, prawns on toast, chicken satay, fish cakes.

15 Prawn crackers

Moreish prawn-flavoured crackers to warm up your appetite


20 Tom yam soup

Authentic recipe. Spicy and sour soup. Infused with refreshing lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal and topped with coriander leaves

Mushrooms / Chicken / Prawns 

21 Tom kha soup

Gentle infusion of galangal and Thai herbs in coconut milk broth

Mushrooms / Chicken / Prawns 


22 Som tam

The nation's most-loved salad. Crunchy green papaya, grated carrots, tomatoes and long beans, pounded in bold and tangy dressing

Bangkok style (contain nut) 

23 Laab

Warm salad with herbs: bold flavours of lime, fish sauce, chilli and tossed ground rice, sprinkled with fresh mint leaves

Fried Tofu            Minced pork            Duck 

24 Yum Zaab

Vibrant, salad leaves mixed with onion and coriander in spicy lime dressing

Fried Tofu           Beef 


Indulge in a taste sensation with the most-loved Thai curries. Our zingingly fresh coconut cream based dishes will make you fall in love with Thai food all over again

29 Vegan green curry (VG)

Made specially for plant-based lovers. Packed with seasonal vegetables and tofu for flavoursome meal

30 Green curry

Fragrant, tropical curry busting with flavours. Aubergines, peppers, bamboo shoots and Thai sweet basil leaves

Tofu/Chicken (GF) / Beef (GF) / Prawns (GF) 

31 Red curry

Bangkok's home cooking recipe. Aubergines, peppers, bamboo shoots and Thai sweet basil leaves

Tofu/Chicken (GF) / Beef (GF) / Prawns (GF) 

32 Duck red curry

Full of fresh flavours but yet warming with lychee, cherry tomatoes, pineapples, lime leaves and sweet basil leaves in red curry sauce

33 Panang curry

Creamy and intense with Thai herbs and spices including cumin and coriander seeds with added French beans and peppers

Tofu/Chicken (GF) / Beef (GF) / Prawns (GF) 

34 Massaman

Cummin, cinnamon and nutmeg, distinguish the Massaman curry sauce from typical Thai curries. Aromatic and creamy, so flavourful

Chicken (GF)     /     Slow cooked beef  (GF)

*Choose your sides separately


40 Chicken with cashew nuts (N)

A Popular stir-fried tender slices of chicken breast with crunchy and sweet cashew nuts in light soy sauce with a touch of tamarind sauce

41 Pad Kaprao

Thailand's signature street food. Stir-fried with holy basil, garlic and chilli

Tofu / Chicken / Beef / Minced pork / Prawns 

42 Pad Khing

A homely stir-fried with ginger, spring onion, garlic, red peppers and mushrooms

Tofu  /  Chicken  /  Prawns

44 Aubergine with sweet basil leaves (VG)

A stunning dish. braised aubergine with garlic and Thai sweet basil leaves

45 Mixed green Vegetable in oyster sauce

*Choose your sides separately


60 Weeping Tiger

Famous north eastern sizzling marinated sirloin beef. Served with spicy tamarind sauce

61 Giant prawns Chu Chi

Giant King prawns in light spicy rich coconut curry and flavoured with lime leave

62 (not available)
63 Sea food in yellow curry sauce

Hearty stir-fried mixed seafood with beaten egg, spring onion and green peppers in creamy yellow curry sauce

64 Soft shell crab in yellow curry sauce

Popular crab stir-fried with beaten egg, spring onion and green peppers in creamy yellow curry sauce

65 Filet of sea bass pad cha

Stir fry of crispy sea bass with aromatic finger roots, kaffir lime leaves and red curry paste

*Choose your sides separately


100 Pad Thai (N)

Classic Thai food at its best. Rice noodles stir-fried with egg, bean spouts and spring onions in tamarind sauce. Served with crushed roasted peanuts and a wedge of lemon. Choices of:

Tofu (V) /  Chicken  /  Prawns 

102 Drunken noodles

Spicy stir-fried flat noodles with garlic, chillis, basil leaves, kra chai and seasonal vegetables. Choices of:

Tofu (V) /  Chicken  /  Prawns 

101 Pad si ew

Flat rice noodles stir-fried with egg, heart cabbage, carrots and broccoli in soy sauce. Choices of:

Tofu (V) /  Chicken  /  Prawns 

63 Big Cheeks' Railway Fried Rice

A popular dish that used to be served on the oldfashion steamed engine trains going up and down the country in Thailand. Special fried rice with egg, tomatoes, onion, greens, chicken and king prawns served with fresh cucumber.


104 Coconut rice (VG,GF)
105 Egg fried rice (V)
106 Steamed rice (VG,GF)
107 Sticky rice (VG,GF)

A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to your bill.

All our food is freshly prepared and cooked to order. If you have any allergy/ies please inform/ask a member of staff

who will advise of ingredients used. (GF)=Gluten Free, (N)= Contains nut, (V)=Vegetarian, (VG)=Vegan

Allergen List     A: Celery     B: Gluten     C: Crustacean     D: Eggs     E: Fish     F: Lupin     G: Milk     H: Molluscs     I: Mustard     J: Nuts     K: Peanuts     L: Sesame seeds     M: Soybeans     N: Sulphur Dioxide